Government Finance Function

The Government Finance Function (GFF) brings together everyone who works in finance, across every department and every public body. If you work in finance, you are part of the Government Finance Function!

We’re a diverse function of over 10,000 people, spread mainly across the UK with three-quarters of us based outside of London. We’re not just accountants; the GFF brings together a range of expertise, including strategic business partners, planning, performance, risk and audit professionals to name a few.

We have a common vision: ‘We put finance at the heart of decision making. Delivering value for money, strengthening public trust. By keeping to this, we ensure public money is spent efficiently and effectively, and we enable the delivery of high-quality public services.

Our people bring a wealth of varied experience, backgrounds and knowledge. We invest in building and strengthening capability to deliver excellent services, drive high performance and encourage creative and pragmatic solutions that support the business. The Government Finance Academy provides a cohesive learning and development offer for finance and non–finance staff across the Civil Service.

You can visit the Government Finance Function (GFF) website, or send an email for more information. If you’re looking for a specific course or supplier, take a look at the Finance qualifications available on the learning frameworks. Just remember you'll need to follow whatever your standard departmental procedures are for getting approval for your proposed booking and paying the course fee.

Some links are accessed via the OneFinance website. Civil and public servants can register for an account using their work email.