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SCS Course Spotlight

Created in response to recent feedback, the SCS Course Spotlight has been set up to give senior civil servants easier access to courses specifically aimed at senior leaders.

The handful of courses being made available for open bookings allows senior civil servants to book themselves directly onto the course for them to attend individually. It also provides an opportunity for those in smaller departments who may not be able to organise a closed booking or anyone who is unable to attend an event planned by their department the opportunity to take the course too. A full list of the currently available courses and their dates can be found below.

The Spotlight line-up is refreshed every three to four months and features topics that we know are of particular interest to senior leaders in the Civil Service. These include strategic workforce planning, inspiring teams, communication, building trust and handling crises.

Typically, these are half or full day courses, all led by highly experienced, expert facilitators and designed to meet leaders’ pressing needs. These courses provide valuable opportunities to learn but also to network with fellow senior civil servants, sharing experiences and insights within a safe and confidential environment.

For further details on any of the currently available courses, click on the course name below. For more information on the entire SCS curriculum, type ‘SCS’ into the search box on Prospectus Online.

How to book. Use the booking link next to the course or call 020 3640 7985 (press option 3). Dedicated SCS booking support is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. More information about the support available can be found below.
Building effective relationships with ministers

This workshop explores the techniques for rapidly building credibility and trust and how this creates the foundation for open communication. It considers the particular challenges of Ministerial communication, such as maintaining resilience or delivering unwelcome messages. The workshop will be delivered by previous senior civil servants and Ministers.

Click here for more information.

Face to face 09/05/2024 Book
Face to face 11/06/2024 Book

Civil Service leaders: Advance your writing in government

This online, interactive masterclass provides expert writing and editing guidance and insights into the challenges commonly faced when writing in a government context. Senior civil servants will leave feeling empowered to write for a broad range of purposes and audiences.

Click here for more information.

Virtual 30/04/2024 Book
Virtual 23/05/2024 Book

Data literacy and the responsible use of data

Data is not just an input; a material that others can use; a way of communicating; or part of our infrastructure. In reality, it’s all of the above. This workshop explores the multi-faceted nature of data and how it can be collected, shared and used responsibly in a way that builds trust.

Click here for more information.

Face to face 25/04/2024 Book
Face to face 14/05/2024 Book

Leading in unpredictable times

In a volatile and uncertain world, today’s leaders are constantly challenged and are often faced with sudden and sustained crises. This workshop is designed to enhance the effectiveness of senior leaders who operate in volatile, high pressure environments, delivering strategies for guiding teams through complexity.

Click here for more information.

Face to face 01/05/2024 Book
Face to face 15/05/2024 Book

SCS media training

There is a growing expectation that government spokespeople should be able to deliver highly polished, professional media interviews and pieces to camera. To help meet this expectation, this highly practical course prepares senior civil servants for delivering press briefings and interviews on TV, radio and ‘down the line’ (i.e. from a remote location).

Click here for more information.

Face to face 07/05/2024 Book
Face to face 30/05/2024 Book

Strategic workforce planning for business executives and senior leaders

Senior executives have a vital role to play within strategic workforce planning and important that they’re comfortable with the core concepts and principles. This course is designed to provide an introduction to the mechanics of workforce planning and implementation.

Click here for more information.

Face to face 18/06/2024 Book
Face to face 27/06/2024 Book
As with the rest of the SCS curriculum, these courses are also available for closed bookings, where teams or departments
can reserve all the available places. Departmental bookers can make a closed booking via the booking portal.

Man smiling on the phone helping with a booking

Dedicated SCS booking support

If you’re a senior civil servant looking to book onto a training course, or looking for more information on one of these courses, a specialist booking team is available to help with all your booking related enquiries.

Specifically trained on the courses in the SCS Course Spotlight, the team can save you time by guiding you through the booking process.

The SCS team is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and can be contacted on 020 3640 7985 (press option 3). Alternatively, you can email the team on, putting ‘SCS curriculum’ into the message’s subject header.